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Introduce your child to the exciting world of MMA with our free Kids trail classes! It's the perfect opportunity for young enthusiasts to meet our team, experience the sport firsthand, and have a blast in a relaxed atmosphere.

Adult Casual Class



The Adult Casual Class is perfect for those looking to explore our community, meet our team, and get a feel for the sport. Whether you're a beginner or just curious, this class allows you to witness high-level professionals in action, providing a relaxed and introductory experience to our diverse activities.

Adults MMA/Boxing



The Adults MMA/Boxing Membership offers access to a dynamic range of classes led by seasoned professionals and champions. With a focus on competition-level training in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, this membership is perfect for individuals looking to develop practical self-defense skills while mastering the art of striking and grappling.




Embark on your MMA journey with our complimentary Adult FREE trail! Experience the thrill of martial arts in a welcoming environment designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Meet our team, learn fundamental techniques, and discover the benefits of MMA training for fitness and self-defense.

Kids Full Membership



The Kids Full Membership focuses on instilling discipline, building confidence, and teaching self-defense. This program also emphasizes the development of essential social skills, providing a well-rounded approach to children's growth and well-being.

Adults Full Membership



The Adults Full Membership offers unlimited access to diverse classes and the opportunity to learn from high-level professionals and champions. With a focus on competition-level training in Striking, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu, this membership is perfect for individuals seeking practical self-defence skills applicable in real-life situations.

Kids Casual Class



The Kids Casual Class is the perfect introduction to our community, allowing young enthusiasts to meet our team, explore the sport, and have fun in a relaxed environment. Whether your child is a beginner or simply curious, this class offers a chance to witness high-level professionals in action while enjoying a welcoming and introductory experience tailored specifically for kids.

Adults BJJ/Wrestling



he Adults BJJ/Wrestling Membership opens doors to a range of classes under the guidance of top-tier professionals and champions. Focusing on high-level training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, this membership caters to individuals seeking effective self-defense techniques for real-life scenarios.

Family Discount



Sign up for a membership and bring along one family member to receive a generous 10% off your membership fees. Have two family members join, and your savings increase to an impressive 20% off!

* 4 weeks notice cancellation period or pause

* No lock-in contracts

* Affiliates of Australian Elite Team will be charged a fee of $20


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